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Lighting Solutions During Nighttime Construction

nightime paving

Construction work is not restricted to daytime only. There is active work going on during late night hours. Milling and paving services are being provided at night in order to avoid inconvenience to the public during day time. It is essential that proper lighting is available for the workers during night time services.

There are a few temporary lighting solutions available for late night construction service providers. As technology advances the solutions will improve, but for now let us have a look at some of the lighting solutions used during construction at night:

  • Portable Light Plant Towers – This kind of lighting include a number of luminaires installed on a mast arm which has the capacity to hold luminaries at varying heights. The mast arm that is attached to a trailer and generator is later towed by vehicle. It is important to aim these lighting systems towards the work only to avoid inconvenience to passengers from its glare.

  • Balloon Lighting – A large balloon- luminaire type distributes the light evenly in a large area without and relatively high glare. They can be installed on equipment that moves slowly or portable light towers.

  • Roadway Luminaires Mounted on Temporary Poles – When any permanent lighting fixture on the roadway is mounted upon temporary poles and powered by an electric system, it is capable of being a good lighting solution. It is normally prepared and installed by a lighting design professional.

  • Factory-Installed Lights on Equipment – Headlights are available everywhere but they are not an adequate lighting solution for most of the working operations. The large glare produced by the headlights can disrupt any oncoming traffic.

Hence, it is important to keep the aforementioned points in mind when choosing a lighting solution for nighttime construction services. Safety is always a prime concern for all, especially when catering to complex work such as construction.