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Asphalt crack sealing – Filling the pavement’s cracks and splits!

Pavements are an essential part of any building or property. A neat, safe, proper, and well-maintained roadway leaves a good impression on visitors, while a badly maintained pavement leaves a bad impression and can also be dangerous. Usually, pavements are made of asphalt, which ensures its durability. Still, with time these pathways become cracked and dangerous.

The following are some of the reasons for pavement cracks-

  • Heavy loads – Heavy loads are one of the biggest reasons for asphalt splits and breaks. Heavy loads put pressure on the pavement, which causes breaks and splits to appear.

  • Water – Water is another reason for breaks and cracks in asphalt pathways around buildings. Water enters in these small or big tears and flows through the asphalt effectively breaking more of the concrete.

  • Harsh weather conditions – Harsh weather conditions and constant temperature changes also causes cracks to appear in the pavement. Rain, snow, sun and hail, can also cause damage to asphalt pathways, which can only get worst with time.

  • Other aspects – Aspects like; dirt, vegetation, debris, stone or sand also causes damage to asphalt pathways around buildings. Snow plowing is another reason for cracking and splits in asphalt pathways.

What are the dangers from cracks in asphalt pathways?

Whether it’s a small split or a large crack, it can expand effectively causing larger portions of pathways to break up over time. Small breaks can turn into bigger potholes. Not only it causes damage to pavements but it also becomes very dangerous. Anyone can trip over potholes or bigger asphalt splits, causing serious accidents to people.

How are these cracks sealed?

The sealing procedure is usually completed by the hot rubberized crack filler. First, professionals in this field inspect the cracks and splits in the asphalt. After proper inspection, they clean it with high-pressure blowers and weed eaters in order to get rid of debris, dirt, or vegetation etc. Once a thorough cleaning is performed, the rubber filler is inserted properly in the split which connects both sides of the split.

It effectively fills the whole break in pathways. A layer of sand is also applied over the rubber, to prevent tracking or peeling while filler is still cooling down. Sealing is done to prevent further damage by water or harsh weather conditions. Repair should be done as soon as possible, before the damage grows beyond repair.

What are the benefits of crack sealing?

It protects your pavement from getting more damaged. Sealing also provides long lasting yet quality results. It increases the age of your pathways. It saves your money on the costs of asphalt replacement, which is an expensive process.

In the end, it keeps your roadways safe and well-maintained, which leaves a good impression on visitors.

Exterior Maintenance

How parking lot striper can change the curb appeal of your commercial place?

parking lot striperWhether it is your office or business place, you always have a parking lot around your premises. Nowadays, with increase in number of vehicles, parking your vehicles have become little tedious. For this reasons, many people have started using parking lot stripers, as they carry numerous benefits.

However, there are many, who underestimate its benefits and importance. Following are some of the benefits and importance of using parking lot striping in your commercial premises-


The first and the foremost benefit of using parking lot striping is security. Many times, there comes a situation when due to faded lines, the customers gets no guidance about where to park their vehicle and end up parking their vehicles in block intersections, sidewalks, exits, business entrances, and many other wrong places. Such things lead to nowhere but to be towed by the authorities. Moreover, the owner blames to the owner of the company for not using park lot striping. Therefore, by using these stripers, it will not only provide safety but will also help you saving great deal of time and money.

Curb appeal– secondly, the use of line striping helps to improve the brand of the company as well as enhances the curb appeal of the property. We are quite familiar with the famous adage that first appeal is the last one. Same is the case here that we need to impress our customers from the very first time they enter your parking lot. Is the parking us well organized then it will definitely augment your business or company location.

Smooth flow of traffic-thirdly, the main reason why stripers are placed in the parking lots so that the traffic flows smoothly without creating chaos and blocking other place.

Safety-the other benefit of using park lot stripers are that if you use clear markings and signage, it not only provide well maintained parking lot but will also reduce the likelihood of facing accidents.

Last but not the least parking lots play an imperative role for your businesses success. All you need is an extensive knowledge about how to layout, plan, line striping. However, if you are not aware then you can seek help from the professionals that will offer you numerous benefits that will give you overall a good experience.

Exterior Maintenance

Top five exterior maintenance services for your commercial property

You never get a second chance to make first impression! Therefore, when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your commercial property, the main aim should be to create an everlasting first impression on the viewer and for this, it is very important to maintain the exterior of your commercial building.

The exterior of the property is often exposed to rain, snow, or other harmful elements as a result your property may start damaging over the time. Therefore, it has become very important to maintain the exterior of your property from all aspects.

drain repair serviceThe top five exterior maintenance services include-

  1. Roof cleaning services– For creating a good appearance of the property and a good impression on the viewers, proper maintenance of the roof is very important. The different roof cleaning services includes removal of stains from the roof, repairing the outflow and water problem, removal of bacteria, rust, debris, and other unwanted things from the roof. You can consult professionals for roof cleaning services and additionally snow removal services in Staten Island and throughout New York. Getting these services will prevent the roof from any further damage.

  2. Drain repair and service– The drain repair services deals with simple blockage to major drain issues. The professionals use different techniques such as video drain inspection, blocked drain detection, waterline detection, power rooting, utility, and pipe location etc. to solve the drain related problems.

  3. Parking lot sweeping services– Maintaining the exterior of your property, which includes the parking area of your commercial building, is very important. Well-maintained and clean parking area is the first thing that the visitors notice. Therefore keeping your parking area clean and tidy regularly is essential. This will firstly create a good impression and will definitely affect your brand and profession.

  4. Paint– This is one of the main exterior maintenance services. To enhance the overall look and appearance of your building, fresh paint should be applied at least once a month. A coat of paint can change the way your building looks and it highly affects the exterior of your building.

  5. Debris management– This includes removal of debris and disposal from the roof, clearing the land and trimming the trees, making the exterior of your building looks perfectly fine.

A team of professionals is hired for all the exterior maintenance services.