Exterior Maintenance

Top five exterior maintenance services for your commercial property

You never get a second chance to make first impression! Therefore, when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your commercial property, the main aim should be to create an everlasting first impression on the viewer and for this, it is very important to maintain the exterior of your commercial building.

The exterior of the property is often exposed to rain, snow, or other harmful elements as a result your property may start damaging over the time. Therefore, it has become very important to maintain the exterior of your property from all aspects.

drain repair serviceThe top five exterior maintenance services include-

  1. Roof cleaning services– For creating a good appearance of the property and a good impression on the viewers, proper maintenance of the roof is very important. The different roof cleaning services includes removal of stains from the roof, repairing the outflow and water problem, removal of bacteria, rust, debris, and other unwanted things from the roof. You can consult professionals for roof cleaning services and additionally snow removal services in Staten Island and throughout New York. Getting these services will prevent the roof from any further damage.

  2. Drain repair and service– The drain repair services deals with simple blockage to major drain issues. The professionals use different techniques such as video drain inspection, blocked drain detection, waterline detection, power rooting, utility, and pipe location etc. to solve the drain related problems.

  3. Parking lot sweeping services– Maintaining the exterior of your property, which includes the parking area of your commercial building, is very important. Well-maintained and clean parking area is the first thing that the visitors notice. Therefore keeping your parking area clean and tidy regularly is essential. This will firstly create a good impression and will definitely affect your brand and profession.

  4. Paint– This is one of the main exterior maintenance services. To enhance the overall look and appearance of your building, fresh paint should be applied at least once a month. A coat of paint can change the way your building looks and it highly affects the exterior of your building.

  5. Debris management– This includes removal of debris and disposal from the roof, clearing the land and trimming the trees, making the exterior of your building looks perfectly fine.

A team of professionals is hired for all the exterior maintenance services.


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